Saturday, February 13, 2010

WyzAnt takes 40% of Tutors' Income

WyzAnt, an in-home tutoring service, creates an inflated system of pay by taking 40% of their tutors' income, which means you, as a tutor, would have to increase how much you charge your clients to get a decent pay, discouraging potential clients for the tutors.

For example, if you set your hourly rate as $25/hr for your tutoring services, you end up making $15 an hour because you keep only 60% of what you make after a tutoring session. WyzAnt collects 40% which is $10/hr!!! You are better off advertising your services locally or through Craigslist. With this system they have implemented, you would have to increase the $25/hr to $35/hr to receive a fair pay, which in turn clients are reluctant to pay.

You would have to work at least 20 hours in order to increase this percentage, which would only rise to 65% of what you get to keep. To be paid 80% of your hourly rate, you would have to work 400 hours with this company, which is near impossible since the amount of tutoring inquiries is very low per tutor.

Advertise locally and not with WyzAnt. As an indepedent tutor, you could charge your clients more affordable rates and not have some company hike your hourly rate, so that you can receive a decent pay. Merely charge $20/hr and not worry about WyzAnt stealing nearly half your income!